It Was a Big Year for Long-Form Journalism at The New York Times



In 2012, 33 articles of more than 4,000 words originated on the front page of The New York Times. (Six of those were in December.) That’s up – a lot – from 16 the previous year; 21 in 2010; and 23 in 2009. The longest of all of those that originated on the front page? Clyde Haberman’s masterly obituary of The Times’s publisher Arthur Ochs (Punch) Sulzberger clocked in at 7,725 words.

(Source: The New York Times)

2012 Was One of the ‘Bloodiest Years’ for Journalists



A heavy death toll in war zones such as Syria and Somalia made 2012 one of the bloodiest years for journalists, with 121 killed, an international journalists’ group said. The Brussels-based International Federation of Journalists said the figure was up from 107 journalists and other media workers killed in targeted attacks, bomb blasts and cross-fire incidents in 2011.

(Source: Reuters)

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