I write for a living. Mostly about the dead.

I launched my journalism career in 1989 at a South Florida weekly. Over the next decade, I covered crime, politics, entertainment and education for newspapers in Florida, Mississippi and California.

In 1997, I made the leap to online media, first as the assignment editor for Eye on the Web, then as a website reviewer for Snap.com (both now defunct). That same year, I launched Inscriptions Magazine, a weekly e-zine for professional writers. Inscriptions won numerous awards and was named one of the Best Websites for Writers by Writers Digest three years in a row.

In the ‘oughts, I worked as the overnight editor for The New York Times, The Associated Press, Yahoo! News and Night Owl News. And since 2011, I have covered breaking news on the graveyard shift for The Huffington Post, which means I spend most nights producing stories about death (war, famine, terrorism, crime and natural disasters).

When not on the clock, I write novels, short stories and poems and obituaries. I also enjoy spending time with my husband, Marcus Weir, our five cats (Arya, Dany, Brigid, Sera and George) and our dog (Duncan).