I’m simply unable to stop myself


Over the weekend, Marcus and I celebrated our 11th anniversary by going out to dinner and visiting an area book store.

As is our wont, we separate moments after walking through the front door, stroll solo down the aisles and peruse volumes that catch our attention. Then, much like at parties, we’ll reunite for a short time to catch up on our latest discoveries and examine current endurance levels. If our spirits are high, we’ll part again and continue the browsing. Otherwise, we’ll check out and head home.

During our first check-in on Saturday night, M remarked that after just 15 minutes in the store, I had already found two books to purchase.

“It’s still early,” I warned.

The next time he saw me — about 20 minutes later — I was carrying an entire basket filled with books, a sight that made him laugh and shake his head at the same time.

Here’s our loot:


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