Haunted houses


We appear to have a ghost in the new house.

Last weekend, M and I flew to Seattle to celebrate the birthdays of two dear friends. When the weather conspired against us, we were forced to make an unexpected stop in Salt Lake City, Utah, find other accommodations because our HomeAway apartment couldn’t extend our stay and fly home a day later than planned. Luckily, our new pet sitter was willing to schlep through a blizzard to feed and care for Duncan, Dany, Arya, Brigid and George.

During our absence, however, a shade apparently decided to cause some mischief. Upon arriving at our house for a visit, the pet sitter was stunned to discover the door that leads to the garage standing wide open. This is odd for two reasons: one, we always keep it closed since we don’t want the animals going in there, and two, we specifically locked the door before we left town. So how in the world did the door unlock itself and fling open?

No one knows.

Also, since returning home, two eldest cats have begun scratching at the door to the garage, almost as if to request permission to leave (or permission to allow someone in). M swears there are no other animals in the garage — nor wolves in the walls — which leads me to wonder if the ghost has lost his/her key.

Lastly, in the two months since we moved in, I’ve noticed that certain rooms have unexplained cold spots. The previous owner built the house in 1980 and never mentioned anyone dying in it so I have no idea why these chilly areas exist. More investigation will be required.


  1. Oooo! Delicious! Tantalizing! You know this piqued my interest and I’ll be curious what you discover.

    Also, however, it gave me chills for a different reason. The other day our garage door kept opening. The one that leads into the house into the laundry room. Not sure why. It was freaking me out. I didn’t lock it though, but I know it latched when I shut it.

    Tigger may turn out to be the culprit though. Tabby is the one who likes to go hang out in the garage sometimes, not him, but maybe he figured out how to open the door for her? Or maybe she figured out how to open the door to get away from him? I’m sure there’s a logical explanation.

    Hoping there is one at least…

    Thanks for sharing.

    P.S. Also glad you finally made it home okay.

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