My life, at the moment, in numbers


Steve Glassman, the writer behind the wonderful Sunshine. Whimsy. Tacos. blog and a long-time friend, recently posted an entry about the current state of his life, via numbers. Since he encouraged others to share their stats, I went ahead and broke down my next 30 days.

From today, it will be:

1 day until my 43rd birthday.

2 days until Thanksgiving. Somewhere in between these two numbers, I must continue packing and make a feast.

9 days until the Boston Common Tree Lighting ceremony, an event I’m attending to boost my holiday spirits and as research for my latest novel.

13 days until the closing on the new house. Yikes!

14 days until the movers arrive at the rental to pick up our belongings. Everything must be packed, or else.

15 days until the movers drop off our belongings at the new house. Then, the massive job of unpacking begins.

18 days until I take a break from unpacking and return to working on my book.

25 days until I have to attack the thousands of emails that will have piled up during my less-than-relaxing vacation.

26 days until I return to work.

30+ days until Christmas Eve. I’m really looking forward to seeing what Manchester, N.H., looks like during the holidays. Will there be lots of light displays?

–Photo by Humusak2

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