Sometimes, it pays to notice the little things


Sometimes, it pays to notice the little things. Once in a great while, when you do so, the Fates will throw fewer knots in your way.

Today, I:

* experienced a good dream (yes, vampires were involved).

* woke up without a migraine — or the promise of a migraine — for the first time in a week.

* went downstairs and rejoiced in the fact that my youngest cat, Sera, was still alive.

* didn’t start to sweat after leaving the shower because the temperatures had begun to drop.

* tried on a new summer-y blouse and it fit.

* ate dinner at a local restaurant and everything was cooked correctly.

* enjoyed ice cream for dessert and it was simply divine.

* stopped by the local movie house and learned that the film we wanted to see was just about to start.

* watched a movie where nothing blew up, a couple fell in love and nobody died.

* returned home and was immediately covered by all the animals who missed me while I was out.

* kissed my husband good night and did some productive writing.

All in all, it was a pretty good day, particularly for June. I am grateful.

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